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Compton Toros Academy (CTA)

Held every Saturday from October 1, 2017 through May 5, 2018, CTA offers students tutoring services, provided by college tutors, in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). Students receive supplemental instruction led and developed by expert teachers with extensive expertise in the content area and success working with youth in high-need schools. The curriculum is supplemented through small group instruction which is facilitated by college tutors who focus on serving two or three students at a time. Small groups allow tutors to better assess student needs so that individualized remediation, support, and tutoring can be provided. Critical to the success of the program is ensuring a low student to tutor ratio. Below is a list of school sites that will host the program during this school year:

Middle school students who participate in the program experience real-world applications that allow them to conceptualize and master concepts that they are struggling with. Lessons and concepts are introduced and studied in-depth through a variety of engaging activities such as technology stations, collaborative discussions, analysis of text, and Socratic seminars, to name a few.