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Professionalism is the key trait we exemplify throughout as we, the staff, personnel, and candidates, the integral body of the STEM Lab School, offer services to the greater community. Professionalism is shown through our demeanor and presentation of self as we maintain our integrity with a disposition of and for excellence.


All interpersonal relations are engaged with an attitude of respect and consideration. Whether the interaction is that of a vertical or lateral nature, all degrees of validation are acknowledged. When speaking to another, acknowledgement of the other person as valuable to our purpose is apparent. Safe and healthy boundaries are present in all relations among students, candidates, personnel, and staff. 


Physical presentation is an amplification of our person. We dress clean and neat in fashion with business and/ or casual business wear. From presentation to quality, good work ethics are what we pride ourselves on. During work hours, each person is focused only on work related issues and all actions from each individual model that attitude. Every individual that is a part of the integral body of the STEM Lab School fosters the notion that “Good Habits lead to Good Results.” Being prompt and prepared with well-planned objectives and utilizing honed skills from best practices to execute works of excellence is the baseline contribution of all. 

Our “Code of Conduct” is clear. All duties and responsibilities reinforce the integrity of the STEM Lab School Program. If one is a part of our organization, he or she only supports and acts on the standards of excellence and professionalism with an unwavering tenacity as a lifelong learner to develop and grow from “Good to Great."