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CA STEM Institute for Innovation & Improvement (CSI3) was designed to increase the number of credentialed teachers in STEM education, and to bring STEM to the forefront of K-16 education through leadership and service. We are dedicated to providing future and current CSI3 teachers with a combination of educational experienced geared to prepare them for 21st century learners.  Through all of our programs, we systematically address the shortage of STEM Teachers in high-need schools in and around the Los Angeles area and across the state. CSI3 has developed innovative undergraduate, credential, and graduate programs. We are continuously forming multiple partnerships with the high-need schools and school districts as well as community colleges. We offer all of our program participants ongoing advising and financial and academic support.  Above all, we offer our participants the opportunity to make a difference where they are needed most.  Our organization began in 2001 at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. Initially, we oversaw − Transition to Teaching, STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency and Urban Teacher's Fellow − programs that assist in training STEM educators. Dr. Kamal Hamdan, a leader in STEM education, successfully directed the implementation of these programs which resulted in greatly contributing to California State University Dominguez Hills' recognition for producing the most math and science teachers in any college or university in California. In 2013, we launched the California STEM Institute for Innovation and Improvement to focus on the teacher shortage in the Los Angeles area. To date, under the directorship of Dr. Hamdan, we have secured over $50 million in grants and partnerships, serviced over 5,500 students and teacher-candidates through our lab school, provided support in producing hundreds of teachers who have gone on to be leaders in education and secured almost a dozen federal grants. Most importantly, we are carrying out our passion to provide high-quality education to students who deserve it.

Check out our 2018 4th Annual

STEM in Action event!

We hosted over 800 elementary and middle school students to learn hands on STEM activities!

Watch us blast off into space and play the video!



California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is systematically addressing the shortage of math and science teachers in high-need schools in urban and rural areas across the state of California through the implementation of multiple STEM projects. These projects are managed by the newly established Center for innovation in STEM Education (CISE). The CISE team developed and is currently implementing undergraduate, post-baccalaureate teacher preparation, and graduate programs, and formed multiple partnerships with high-need LEAs as well as community colleges. Our range of programs offer to our participants, multiple pathways to teaching and and academic excellence. As well, we reach students and communities from elementary to college, and beyond.




The CSUDH Mobile Fab Lab project is at the forefront of innovative STEM education. Our fleet of 4 mobile fabrication laboratories will be used by K-16 students and teachers, pre-service STEM teachers, CSUDH faculty, and community members. We aim to provide participants with tangible applications of STEM to access and tackle real-world problems; teach students to learn by making and doing while creating opportunities for them to develop 21st century skills through project-based learning; promote equity within the Southern California region; and be a model for sustainable innovation in K-16 STEM education. The project will bring STEM into classrooms and communities by providing participants with access to fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC mills, 3D modeling software, an electronics workbench, and a suite of other tools that will allow anyone to create almost everything. The CSUDH Mobile Fab Labs will inspire and create young engineers, inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs! Our on campus Fab Lab will be a state-of-the-art facility equipped with all of the best and latest fabrication equipment. CSUDH students and faculty will be able to work together in the active STEM lab classrooms as well as the fabrication space. Rapid prototyping will be a breeze! This stationary Fab Lab will encourage collaboration, entrepreneurship, and creativity. It will be located on the first floor of the new science building.



The STEM Lab School is an experiential learning environment for administrators, experienced teachers, teacher candidates and K-12 students. It is designed as a place where teachers can further develop their skills in classroom management and pedagogical strategies, and students can develop 21st century learning behavioral habits to succeed in college and career. Stakeholders, which are a part of that school’s local community, cultivate productive collaborative practices that nurture student personal developmental and academic needs. Every summer, we launch a school where both students and CSI3 candidates engage in a host of STEM activities and learning. It is a safe space where emerging STEM educators practice various methods of pedagogy in a fun learning environment. As part of the program, CSI3  offers parent workshops that explain to parents how getting their children involved in STEM learning will increase their chances of being successful in school. As well, speakers provide information and give detailed steps of the education pipeline from elementary to college, showing them various strategies on the pathways to attaining higher education. The lab school takes place at schools located in high-needs area in the LAUSD.


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Four new mobile fabrication laboratories (fab labs) to help students build...

Toyota and CSUDH Dedicate Mobile Fabrication Laboratories




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